Tour de Dufflet: you sure look sweet on a bicycle built for ...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

you sure look sweet on a bicycle built for ...

I forgot to upload this image last year (June 2008), but it's way too cute not to post here now (and inspire those of you with children thinking about riding the Tour). Thanks to Jun Nogami for sending in the photo of her daughters standing with Dufflet (next to their awesome red bike!)

Sorry for this tardy note, but I wanted to thank you again for organizing the Tour de Dufflet. My daughters and I tried on our big red tandem, but alas it was not to be. We started having drivetrain issues associated with a broken chain tensioner. We made it to the uptown location, but I made a poor decision on route, taking the Moore Park ravine down to the river valley, which put us on the Bayview extension which was not very bike friendly. When we reached the Distillery district and took a break, we decided to abandon and to ride home to High Park. In total, 50 km that day, and five and a half hours on and off the bike. We'll try it again next year, and probably not on the last day.

I attach a photo taken at your downtown branch.

Jun, Mika and Keili.

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