Tour de Dufflet: pink + velvet = pride

Friday, June 19, 2009

pink + velvet = pride

Dufflet Celebrates Toronto Pride June 19 - 28, 2009 ... save $2 off 9” large or $1 off 6” small Pink Velvet Cakes.

Red Velvet cakes are famous for being ... well, famous! Earliest recipes originate from the southern U.S. and use everything from beet juice to artificial food dyes to enhance their ruddy hue under a blanket of white frosting.

Dufflet reinvents this come-back classic via natural food chemistry (cocoa, cinnamon and buttermilk) to create her magical Pink Velvet Cake. Moist sheets of spicy, cocoa enriched cake are layered with a sweet cream cheese icing that is naturally tinted pink - no artificial colours, no preservatives!

eat more pink cake!

also happening - new QueenSpecific show from 19 June - 28 July, 2009
Opening 19 June, 6-7pm *QueenSpecific, next to Dufflet Pastries at 787 Queen St. West, Toronto

Molly to Molly consists of a suite of four lenticular photographs documenting four generations of women from the artist's family. The top three photographs each contain a pair of images of a mother and her daughter: Molly & Sharon; Sharon & Lainie; Lainie & Molly. The bottom photograph pairs an image of the youngest member of the family with the great grandmother for whom she is named.

Toronto based artist, Michael Klein has been exhibiting video and photo-based work for more than 25 years. His interests include personal history and identity, relationships and interaction, structure and presentation. Michael Klein is also the director of MKG127,

*QueenSpecific is a window exhibition space displaying site specific art installations. It is located on Queen St. West adjacent to and co-sponsored by Dufflet Pastries. Artists exhibiting in the space are asked to consider the dimensions of the window, the locale and the potential to engage with the casual passer-by.

*QueenSpecific is programmed by Toronto based artist Joy Walker. For more information please visit:

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