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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

father's day is no laughing matter

The movement to create a Father's Day began around 1908 and was lead by a woman who wanted to honour her widowed Dad raising 6 children.

Unfortunately, the American press chose to satirize the tribute to fatherhood, and Father's Day often tottered on the brink of disappearing completely. One argument was that if Father's were celebrated (like Mother's), then what would come next ... Maiden Aunt Days, Household Pet Days? The cynics had a field day!

Difficulties continued with the problem of gift-giving to celebrate Dad on his day. The sentimental items perfect for Mother's Day (flowers, cards and novelties) seem funny if given to Dad ... hence, the tradition of giving ties. Funny, odd-coloured ties that Dad would wear once and then hide in the back of a drawer for ever more.

Well, this Sunday (June 21), Father's in Toronto can relax. Dufflet has a little something for your sweet tooth that any son or daughter will be happy to give, and any Dad happy to enjoy!

Just the perfect size, Dufflet's 6" Chocolate Fudge Single Layer cake for Father's Day is a dark and moist sour cream chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate icing topped with a special decoration for Dad.

If you'd like to read more about Father's Day (and other commemorative days), check out Consumer Rites By Leigh Eric Schmidt (Google Books preview here)

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