Tour de Dufflet: a cake with a view ...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a cake with a view ...

Dufflet President, Daniele Bertrand, gave her green-thumb a bit of a work-out (to lovely results) this weekend when she landscaped the private garden behind our Beach cafe dining room. Although this outdoor space isn't open to the public, it sure is easy on the eyes when dining in the cafe (specially if you're relaxing your Tour de Dufflet bike-weary legs and refreshing with something sweet!)

Need another reason to visit the Beach? Dufflet Beach will celebrate its 2nd anniversary on Saturday June 13th with birthday cake and a special $5.00 Dessert Dim Sum tasting menu. Here's your chance to sample more than one Dufflet delicacy at a time (for those of you who normally practice self-restraint). The Dessert Dim Sum menu has bite-size versions of 9 classic Dufflet items, including Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts, Chocolate Banana Cake and Kahlua Toffee Bars!

Stop in for a taste and remember to sign up for our DuffClub anniversary draws for more sweet treats to take home.

Dufflet Beach - 1917 Queen St. East (near Woodbine)

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