Tour de Dufflet: nix-nee and the em-em-vee-ehs?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

nix-nee and the em-em-vee-ehs?

Tour de Dufflet riders, beware of stray musicians when cycling along Queen Street this weekend!

NXNE kicked off last night (why does it always rain on opening night?) and will run all weekend until June 21 or until delegates decide to get some sleep. This annual music festival is a must-attend for anyone who loves music (specially the really good home-grown stuff). 500 bands ... 5 days ... Dear Wrist-band holders - please remember that something sweet from Dufflet will give you the energy to go on (to one more showcase!). Please visit NXNE and NOW Magazine to get details.

Also stopping traffic in the Queen West and John area will be Sunday's MMVA09 Music Video awards live at MuchMusic. Fans begin lining up at 6am for the red carpet arrivals at 8pm ... hopefully they will remember to appoint a designated snack-fetcher to drop by Dufflet at 787 Queen St. W. (open at 12pm on Sundays) for coffee and cake take-out. Check out the Much MMVA site at MuchMusic to find out more about performances from Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and Black Eyed Peas (just to name a few)

Dufflet Uptown's 7th anniversary on June 6th was maybe not so star-studded, but sweet all the same!

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