Tour de Dufflet: weekend riders ... crackle special

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

weekend riders ... crackle special

The past weekend was a busy one - the weather was fantastic, and packs of Tour de Dufflet riders were everywhere! For the second year, Natalie Hulme and Birgit Hulme took the "ride more bike" challenge (along with Heike DeCaria) - we love it when you come back for more! Also on the weekend, John Moss, Al Rozoski and Peter Maione discussed bikes and cake with Dufflet!

Another popular activity at all 3 Dufflet locations is stocking up on Dufflet Small Indulgences Crackle™, which is currently running a Father's Day promotion (in-store shopping only); from June 12-21 buy 2 boxes of Crackle™ and receive a gift bag of Dufflet Chocolate Morsels.

Featured in a recent issue of Country Living, Dufflet's Crackle™ is one of the hottest confection items around today winning accolades and awards throughout North America ... they also make a better gift than a tie for Father's Day!

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happyd said...

I hope Tour de Dufflet happens in 2010!

I will totally be there :)