Tour de Dufflet: there's pastry in numbers ...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

there's pastry in numbers ...

The great weather during the week inspired many of you to travel in packs to fulfill your mission to eat more cake, ride more bike ... we love it!

So far, the top ranking Tour de Dufflet snacks include Fresh Strawberry Tarts (a sweet pie shell painted on the inside with chocolate, filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh strawberries), Dufflet's dreamy Old Fashioned Date Bars and mini Butter Tarts with plump currants. There's a sweet reward to suit every taste, so grab a friend, grab a bike and take the Tour de Dufflet challenge.

One of the groups riding the tour on Friday was this one (shown here at our Queen West location) - seen here are Sean, Vanessa, Derek, Sibel, Miya and Sam fueling up for the final leg of the tour uphill to Dufflet on Yonge!

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