Tour de Dufflet: you say it's your birthday?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

you say it's your birthday?

No celebration is complete without a Dufflet Fresh Collection 6” or 9” cake (view our Price List here or a custom celebration cake for larger groups. (buying guides for larger celebration cakes is here

Add a hand-piped message or an edible picture (cartoons, photos, logos, etc.) atop your cake to make it truly unique!

Not all cakes are suitable for hand-piped buttercream inscriptions (like our Raspberry Charlotte pictured above). For cakes with intricate or fragile finishes you can always select a large or small chocolate plaque to hold your message (or image) to top your cake!

Party trays or custom selections of tarts, cookies or cupcakes are perfect for events large and small. Check out our Sweet Tray ideas on our Downloads page.

Delivery is available Monday to Friday from 10am - 6pm. Pricing varies by location.


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