Tour de Dufflet: charlie is one!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

charlie is one!!!

One of the best things about the business of making cake is FANMAIL (specially the kind that comes with pictures). Dufflet received this email yesterday, and it went viral in our office (so cute!) so I'm sharing part of it with you...

Dear Dufflet,

I ordered a Dufflet vegan chocolate cake for my daughter's 1st birthday as she is severely allergic to milk. We had 40 people over...and in the end what was supposed to be a small cake for people with allergies to dairy and eggs became the main attraction. I now know that I can always trust the Dufflet name to provide quality product and for allergies need not look further than your Beach location which is 2 minutes from my house.

Thanks again for helping make the day a success 
Sarah Pittard and Charlie (1).

Happy Birthday Charlie! Looks like you enjoyed your cake :D


Our Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake comes in 2 sizes (9" and 6") and may be ordered in advance from any of our 3 cafes (Downtown, Uptown and Beach). Four layers of rich tasting vegan chocolate cake with no dairy nor eggs and made with spelt flour (which is not gluten-free but might be tolerated by some who are on a gluten-reduced plan). 

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