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Thursday, February 17, 2011

don't need cupcakes for makin' whoopie ...

Interesting read in the Toronto Star (The next baked thing: Cupcakes’ days numbered?) about what will replace the cupcake as the next big thing.

Dessert specialty shops come and go, but Dufflet Rosenberg has been baking a wide range of treats for over 35 years, and has long offered alternates to the cupcake like her delectable 3" mini pastries, tarts and cheesecakes and for the last year, a few flavours of Whoopie Pie cookies.

Apparently Whoopie Pies originated from the New England area (this kind of thing is always up for dispute!), and ranging in size from palm-size to dinner-plate (according to the baker) normally consist of a flavoured creamy filling sandwiched between two chewy cookies.

Dufflet's Whoopie Pies (in chocolate with peanut butter or strawberry filling) are handy in size and not messy to take with ... anywhere!

And don't panic, we still make 5 flavours of cupcake too (including an amazing Pink Velvet with creamcheese icing!) :D

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