Tour de Dufflet: do you, mr potato head, take this wedding cake?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

do you, mr potato head, take this wedding cake?

Stumbled across this blog written by Kitty on Blogger and I simply had to share her Dufflet wedding cake photo with you all! Here is how she describes her search for the perfect cake ...

"...Clearly, the wedding cake would be something that I would pick with extreme thought and careful consideration.  It didn't take long for me to know that I wanted it to be from Dufflet in Toronto.  If you have never been to Dufflet, it is a sweet sweet dreamy place filled with all things yummy (both sweet and sometimes savory).  The wedding cake was definitely coming from there.

Cake should be a sinful pleasure that you partake of whenever possible (twice a month?? plus a gym membership?).  I wanted my wedding cake to be delicious, so Dufflet and no fondant.  

Dufflet has a great selection of cakes covered on the outside with buttercream frosting (or fondant too for those who want it).  Not only do they look amazing, but they taste AMAZING!  We chose a very simple cake with a simple design on the outside of the buttercream frosting.  Three tiers, the first was golden (yellow pound cake with fresh strawberries inside), the second tier was mocha, and the third tier was carrot.  I simply adore carrot cake and Dufflet makes an amazing carrot cake.  Another plus?  It freezes really well, so we should still be able to enjoy it by our first year anniversary.

And to top it all off....tah dah!  Mr and Mrs Potatohead.  What?  They're legally married, I mean, they are Mr and Mrs, aren't they?  They can be on our cake without any repercussion of having only a common law couple or having God strike us down for putting heathens on our cake, or strangers on our cake for that matter.  Besides, they were toys from his childhood and everybody loves potatoes, don't they? ..."

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