Tour de Dufflet: culinary contests? piece of cake!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

culinary contests? piece of cake!

What's on the inside of a Dufflet Hazelnut Cakelet™? Alternating layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge cake and hazelnut buttercream; glazed with dark chocolate ganache. (you're welcome!)

Social media's not just about cake (but it should be, don't you think?). Ready your Tweets, your Blogs, and your Facebooks cause in August, Food Network Canada is offering prizes to four fabulous foodies who enter the contest.

So click it, click it good! (Thanks to Maggie at for the tip!)

And don't forget to keep up your strength with a delicious slice of Dufflet cake ... no hydrogenated fats or oils; no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives; NEVER made from a mix!

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