Tour de Dufflet: no eggs, no milk ... very vegan chocolate cake!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no eggs, no milk ... very vegan chocolate cake!

Made with spelt flour (for those sensitive to gluten) Dufflet launches a delicious 4-layer Vegan Chocolate Cake which contains no eggs nor dairy in 2 sizes ... 9" (10-12 slices) and 6" (6-8 slices).

Available only at Dufflet's 3 cafes, be sure to order your Vegan Chocolate Cake at least a day in advance ... quantities are limited, and made-to-order tastes better anyway, right?


Good to know - Some people who are allergic to wheat may be able to tolerate spelt. Spelt has gluten, just like wheat, so spelt is not suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Ingredients: Water, Spelt Flour, Sugar Cane, Organic Icing Sugar, Non Hydrogenated Shortening, Canola Oil, Cocoa, Soya Milk, Vinegar, Natural Vanilla Extract, Salt, Baking Soda


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