Tour de Dufflet: but brownies ARE a comfort food

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

but brownies ARE a comfort food


Welcome to December and things just got a little chillier ... so let us tempt you with a nice warm latte paired with Dufflet's Iced Brownie or Kahlua Toffee Bar. Makes you feel warmer just looking at the picture, y/y?

Please remember that today (Dec 1) is International Aids Day ... red ribbons are available throughout downtown Toronto. Twitter tweeters, if you add #Red to your message your tweet will show in RED! Please also visit to find out how you can help.

If you're on Twitter, be sure to follow Dufflet Rosenberg @dufflet, Small Indulgences @dufflet_SI and our cafes @tourdedufflet

Be sweet to each other!


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