Tour de Dufflet: 20...10...3-2-1 happy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

20...10...3-2-1 happy new year!

The big night is almost here (can you believe how quickly 2009 sped by?) ... for those who choose to "stay in" and entertain at home, may we suggest a few mini's from Dufflet to sweetly slide into the new year?

~ Baby Truffle Cake: Chocolate soufflĂ© cake layered with creamy chocolate mousse; finished with a chocolate ruffle and a dusting of edible gold. Size: 2.5" (wheat free, gluten free) 

~ Tiramisu Mini: Ladyfinger sponge cake soaked in coffee liqueur syrup enrobes brandied mascarpone; topped with chocolate shavings and cocoa dust. Size: 2.5"

~ Molten Double Chocolate Mini: Individual chocolate ganache molten cakes - just warm and serve!  (Microwave: Remove from tin-foil. Place face-down on microwave safe plate. Heat High for 20 seconds).  Size: 2.5"

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