Tour de Dufflet: cake affirmations and ontario politics ...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

cake affirmations and ontario politics ...


As some of you know, our Hazelnut Cakelet® made the news lately when she unintentionally got in the middle of some political shenanigans on the weekend.

On Sunday, the handsome reporters known as Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson wrote a story for The Star called "Sousa crowned queen-maker at Ontario Liberal leadership convention" and casually mentioned our cakelet in the article.

Since then, some people on Twitter (and you know who you are) have suggested that Hazelnut Cakelet is responsible for the outcome of the vote and now Hazelnut Cakelet is feeling a little inadequate.

Alternating layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge cake with hazelnut buttercream in between and then drenched with dark chocolate ganache - what else could you want from a cake, people? 

Turn away from the mirror, Hazelnut Cakelet, you're delicious just the way you are! 


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