Tour de Dufflet: more drizzle? ok!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

more drizzle? ok!

Pecan Pies hit the spot when the weather gets a little dreary and you need something sweet to brighten your day.

Dufflet has you covered with 3 versions of this classic fav;

Double Chocolate Pecan
A dark chocolate crust packed with rich chocolate pecan filling; drizzled with bittersweet chocolate.

Classic Pecan
Sweet, dark pecan filling in a flaky pastry.

New! Pecan Pie with Chocolate + Caramel Drizzle (shown above)
Sweet, dark pecan filling in a flaky pastry with caramel and chocolate drizzle.

All pecan pies are available in 11" and 7.5" sizes at all 3 Dufflet locations.


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