Tour de Dufflet: Sweet Alert! Dufflet @NASFT #SFFS12 ...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Alert! Dufflet @NASFT #SFFS12 ...

Dufflet and David want to show you what's new in our wonderful world of chocolate confections at this year's NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC, from June 17-19
Look for sweet surprises from Dufflet Small Indulgences and Chocolate Signatures at booth 4919, including some new items from our 2012-2013 catalogue including;

Dufflet Amigos - a few of Dufflet's favourite things molded in milk or dark chocolate
Dufflet Chocolate Truffle Pops in four flavours
Dufflet Butter Crunch - classic English Toffee covered in milk or dark chocolate
David's PB&J - chewy mounds of dark chocolate covered peanut butter and raspberry jam

Can't wait for the show? View our wholesale catalogue here: 


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