Tour de Dufflet: cake! in the shape of a heart!

Friday, January 27, 2012

cake! in the shape of a heart!

What's new for Valentine's Day at Dufflet? Glad you asked!

With 3 flavours of 6" heart-shaped cakes, there's a sweetheart for every taste! Choose from Strawberry Mousse with golden ladyfingers, sour cream Chocolate Fudge or Pink Velvet with its unforgettable cream cheese icing.

We've added a collection of filled cupcakes to our roster including Devil's Raspberry, Caramel Milk Chocolate and Lemon Blueberry.

For the chocolate lover we have a brand new Chocolate Ganache Whoopie Cookie and our single-serve Chocolate + Raspberry Mousse Heart returns for the season.

Pre-order your Valentine's cakes now at any Dufflet cafe and avoid sadface (or a night in the dog house!)


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