Tour de Dufflet: we feel DELICIOUS at booth 602 ...

Friday, October 21, 2011

we feel DELICIOUS at booth 602 ...

Dufflet Does Delicious! Please visit us at booth 602 for some sweet treats, perfectly suitable to munching while walking around the show, or taking home for later!

Along with a flavourful selection of Dufflet tarts, bars and cookies, we're also selling confections by Small Indulgences (Nutt-e, Crunchuffs, Tumbles and Morsels) and David's (Brownie Points, Sponge Toffee, Meringues, Chocolate Coated Popcorn)

The Food Network's "Delicious Food Show" is open to the public and runs all weekend - visit for more!

Friday, Oct 21, 10a-8p
Saturday, Oct 22, 10a-8p
Sunday, Oct 23, 10a-6p

Drop by any Dufflet cafe location to pick up a postcard that gives you $2 off the price of admission at the door.


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