Tour de Dufflet: The Hunter for Tour de Dufflet!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hunter for Tour de Dufflet!

We're getting our grand prizes together and sorting through Tour de Dufflet photos, and wanted to share this one via email from Eunah Hunter ... thank you so much for the kind words Eunah!

Dear Dufflet,

Thank you for a wonderful time and treat for our family of three and friends.  We had a wonderful time cycling 80km today and sampling the delicious treats.  Your staff were welcoming and each Dufflet store was a point of relaxation and excitement for our legs and stomachs, respectively

:)  What a great idea to offer the Tour de Dufflet and to keep the commemorative event, in celebration of bike month, continuing for a fourth year.  Fabulous.

Eunah, Andrew, Gloria Hunter w/ Natalie Bernstein and Ray Dowe 
- picture attached (in front of Yonge St. Dufflet, our second stop)

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