Tour de Dufflet: let's play Dufflet café ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

let's play Dufflet café ...

This lovely email and adorable photo received this week must be shared ... so sweet!

"Dear Dufflet,

We have been a customer of yours for over 8 years now. We live in the beaches and I have two very happy things we would like to share with you.

Firstly, I visit your store at least twice a week with my daughter and neighbourhood friends.
your store is such a great place for us to go in our community and we love having you in the neighbourhood.

We think your employee Dale is one of your greatest assessts. Customer service is so valuable in any business and he goes above and beyound to make every visit an enjoyable experience everytime we are there. We really appreciate that you have caring, people like him at your cafe who open doors when you have a stroller, who are always smiling and are warm and friendly. Thank you for choosing such a great employee!!

Secondly, my friend and I bring our daughters to your store regularly. They love coming there so much that we have recreated your Dufflet cafe in our play area and instead of tea party the girls play Dufflet!! They love to sit and play Dufflet cafe! I am including a picture  of the girls to share with you and Dale.

We love your store!

Lisa Mcrae and Lynsey Mattedine"

Thank you Lisa and Lynsey for taking the time to write to us ... we love the tea party Dufflet cafe!

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