Tour de Dufflet: hello #TIFF09 - can you see us now?

Monday, September 14, 2009

hello #TIFF09 - can you see us now?

We understand completely how difficult TIFF can be on the eyes ... what with the flashing lights, the silver screens and the sunny patio meetings - your irises must be spinning!

To make it easier for YOU (the CAKE craver) to find US (the CAKE baker), we've had new sandwich boards made for our 3 Toronto cafes.

Here's what they look like on a real-sidewalk on a real-sunny day outside of Dufflet Pastries on Queen Street West (near Bathurst)

Delivery to your suite, yacht or screening room can be arranged in case you can't get away ... check out for on-line ordering of cakes, tarts, cookies and dessert trays.


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