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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tour de Dufflet FAQ

What does the registration fee get me?
Registration fee is not required until you begin your ride, and your $5 will be donated to a local bicycle charity. When you register in person at any Dufflet cafe, you will receive a Dufflet musette bike bag with a map and a passport. With each Dufflet location that you visit you will receive refreshments, and your completed passport gets you a gift certificate and a chance to win in our prize draw at the end of Bike Month!

How many Dufflet cafes do I have to visit, and does it have to be done in one day?
To be eligible for the prize draws, you must visit all 3 locations in one day (from 10am to 5pm anyday EXCEPT Mondays).

To ride the tour, you visit your beginning location twice - the first time to register and pick up your Passport, souvenir bag and map, and at the end to receive the 3rd stamp in your passport. You can visit the locations in any order that suits you.

You will have your choice of refreshments at Stamp locations 1 and 2 - this will be Dufflet bottled water or coffee and a choice of something sweet (like a bar, brownie, cookie etc) or something savoury (like a spanokopita, samosa or slice of pizza).

At the final location (Stamp 3 and the cafe that you started from) you will hand in your passport to be eligible for a grand prize drawing and will receive a gift certificate for $5 off your next Dufflet purchase.

Feedback from participants
We'd love to list your hints, tips, comments and photos on our Blog and Flickr sites - just send an email to for instructions.

Tour de Dufflet muzette bags

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